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Out-of-the-box evaluation: a portable masseuse丨Yunkangbao J2 portable fascia gun

Can a fascia gun lose weight?

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No, the essence of losing weight is that the intake is lower than the consumption, and fat will be burned. We exercise to increase consumption, fascia gun while dieting reduces intake, so massage is such a cool thing, it will only make you feel comfortable, and it has nothing to do with weight loss.

What is the fascia gun for?


Massage, relax. The human fascia is used to protect the muscles. When we exercise a lot, the fascia tissue is damaged, which will cause muscle soreness, relaxation and weakness. The fascia gun tries to imitate the manual massage method and uses high-frequency vibrations to fascia. Massage to promote local blood circulation, so as to relieve the fatigue of fascia and muscles. The Fascia Gun is a modern massager.

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Why should I buy a fascia gun?


A fascia gun is not a must at home, so what type of people might need it?

1. People who exercise regularly

The fascia gun is basically one for fitness people. Whether it is ironing or aerobics, the arms and legs are sore after exercise for a long time. Massage with the fascia gun for a while can relieve the pain in the short term and recover faster. This is also the fascia gun. The main use case.

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2. People who like massage

The essence of a fascia gun is a massager whose vibration frequency reaches a certain water quality, so it is better to use it as a massager. Relax your body and get into activity faster.

3. Patients with sports injuries

In addition to daily use, small injuries such as fasciitis, strains and other groups during our sports are also especially suitable for fascia guns for injury recovery, relief, etc. It is also very useful from a professional point of view of.
out of the box

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Yuncombo is a Shenzhen-based company, mainly engaged in intelligent health testing equipment, body fat scales and kitchen scales. This time, he unpacked a smart fascia gun from his family.
JD Yunkangbao Yolanda Smart Fascia Gun Mini Portable Support Huawei Smart Life APP Muscle Relaxation Massager Neck Film Gun Fascia Machine Silicone Massage Head Deep Sea Blue 224.0 yuan
to buy

Over 149 yuan minus 15 yuan
Scan the code to receive

Yuncombo’s packaging is as simple and beautiful as ever. This fascia gun is very small, and the outer packaging is quite a surprise, not much bigger than the iPhone box.

Compared with the size of the real shot and the OnePlus 10Pro, is it very small?

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The inside of the box is unconventional, with four massage heads, the machine body, the charging cable, the manual and the flannel cover in the middle of the box.


The main body is like this, because it was bought for my wife, so I chose white, and the real white is very beautiful.


Supplied with flannel cover and instruction manual.


The flannel cover can be put in all the accessories together, and the effect is just that, it is very convenient to carry around, and the volume is not large.

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There are a total of four massage heads, which are spherical head, flat head, U-shaped head and cylindrical head. Each of the four heads has its own massage area, which will be discussed later.


The massage head is designed with silicone, which can play a buffering and protection role and reduce the damage to the bones.


The body of the machine is like this, with black and white gold, compact body, very portable to carry, 370g weight, the whole body is made of ABS+PC+aluminum alloy, a total of only more than 300g.


There is a non-slip rubber design on the handle, the fascia gun vibrates quite a lot, and the smooth material is really easy to get rid of.

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The fuselage has golden embellishments, which can still add a little favor to girls.


There is a threaded design on the top of the fuselage, which should be used for decoration, and may also have a heat dissipation function, so it does not feel hot during use.


The fuselage is a switch, and all functions are realized here.


Look at the grip of my big hand, is it very small?


A little bigger than the palm of your hand.

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Functional test

Turn on and off the Changan switch button to operate.



The body is equipped with four heads, each with its own function. Use the corresponding heads for different areas and parts to enhance the efficiency and comfort of massage:

Flat head: suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts;

Cylindrical head: impact deep tissue, such as palm, sole meridian points;

U-shaped head: suitable for massaging the neck and both sides of the spine, Achilles tendon;

Ball Head: Massages large muscle groups such as arms, buttocks, thighs.


An important parameter of the quality of the fascia gun is the vibration amplitude. I thought of a stupid way to measure it. It is almost 7mm, which is similar to the official 6mm. This water quality is already very good at such a volume.


Don’t look at this guy’s small size, the strength is really strong. This is the first level of strength. This machine has a torque of 10KG, which is similar to that of an adult male massage.


This machine has four gears without connecting to the mobile phone (30 after connecting to the APP), the machine supports a maximum of 3000 rpm/Min, and different gears have different functions:

1st gear, 1500 rpm/Min, muscle awakening

2nd gear, 2000 rpm/Min, fascia relax

3rd gear, 2500 rpm/Min, decomposes lactic acid

4 gears, 3000 rpm/Min, deep massage

The speed of the fourth gear in the picture below, by the way, the official claim that the noise of the machine is 45dB. After the actual measurement, the noise of the first gear next to the machine is about 50. If you take it a little further, the noise will drop sharply, so this product will basically not disturb others. Using it did not disturb the mood.


Android can be connected through Yunkangbao official APP, Apple can use WeChat applet to connect, open the applet, and the fascia gun can be automatically connected when it is turned on. The applet has three main functions:

1. Switch;

2. Set timed automatic shutdown;

3. Set up the party committee. There are 30 gears for mobile phone operation, that is, the 3000 rpm is divided into 30 gears on average.


The machine has a built-in 2000mAh battery with a standby time of 180 days, and supports 8 hours of massage in the low gear, which is completely sufficient for daily use. When working at a desk for a long time, give yourself a massage for a while, and immediately relax without anyone’s help.


IPC-HDW2831TM-AS-S2 Price
IPC-HDW2831TM-AS-S2 Price


8MP Lite IR Fixed-focal Eyeball Network Camera

> 8MP, 1/2.7″ CMOS image sensor, low illuminance, high image definition

> Outputs max. 8MP (3840 × 2160) @15 fps, and supports 2688×1520 (2688 × 1520) @25/30 fps

> H.265 codec, high compression rate, ultra-low bit rate

> Built-in IR LED, max IR distance: 30 m

> ROI, SMART H.264+/H.265+, flexible coding, applicable to various bandwidth and storage environments

> Rotation mode, WDR, 3D NR, HLC, BLC, digital watermarking, applicable to various monitoring scenes

> Intelligent detection: Intrusion, tripwire

> Abnormality detection: Motion detection, video tampering, no SD card, SD card full, SD card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, illegal access, voltage detection

> Supports max. 256 GB Micro SD card, built-in MIC

> 12V DC/PoE power supply

> IP67 protection


For the fascia gun, don’t have unrealistic expectations such as weight loss, treat it as a massage tool for soothing and decompression, it is a very practical and good product, I hope my recommendation can help

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