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UK Minister Engages China and Hong Kong on Key Global Challenges

UK Minister for the Indo-Pacific, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, is set to embark on a comprehensive visit to China and Hong Kong this Friday. The trip aims to advance and safeguard British interests across several major cities including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tianjin. During her visit, Trevelyan will meet with local authorities and engage with a diverse group of stakeholders, including UK businesses, academics, journalists, and civil society members.

Throughout her discussions, Trevelyan plans to address a wide array of issues pivotal to the UK-China relationship. Key topics will include collaborative efforts to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, contributing to stability in the Middle East, and addressing global climate change. Given China’s status as both the largest investor in sustainable energy and the top carbon emitter, these discussions are particularly significant.

Additionally, the Minister will voice the UK’s concerns regarding human rights issues in Xinjiang and Tibet, as well as the ongoing erosion of rights and freedoms in Hong Kong. These points highlight critical areas of contention and the UK’s commitment to human rights advocacy.

Minister Trevelyan emphasized the importance of China’s participation in resolving major foreign policy issues, stating, “We need China to play a constructive role in the biggest foreign policy issues of the day like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the situation in the Middle East.”

In Hong Kong, discussions will also cover the implications of the national security laws and the vital trade connections between the UK and Hong Kong. In Beijing, Trevelyan intends to assert the UK’s stance on international commitments and human rights: “In Beijing, I will be clear about our right to act when China breaks its international commitments or violates human rights.”

The Minister also aims to bolster UK-China cooperation on global challenges that impact both nations, from improving AI safety to tackling climate change. “It is right we have discussions face to face and raise these issues directly with the centre of the Chinese system, making clear the UK’s position with the decision-makers in Beijing and Hong Kong,” Trevelyan added.

This visit underscores the UK’s proactive approach to diplomacy and its readiness to address global challenges directly with Chinese leaders.

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